PrinceCon 33 Recap – Tim DeCapio

My scenario was the Sentient Mnemovores (SM’s) and the evil mage Emirikol.

Critical Tasks to this scenario were:

1. Establish an alliance with the SM’s.
2. Find a way for the SM’s to avoid death.
3. End the influence that Emirikol had on them.
4. Close the weak point in the pathway that Beyonders could use to get to the Mortal Realm.

The player groups managed to achieve all the key plot points. More detail is given below:

1. One character: Christian (Ken Silverman) managed to bond with a SM. This allowed the players to learn much about them including how to extend the life of the SM’s by allowing them to ‘feed’ on intense memories of a host. The Players also experiment with the idea that a SM and a willing host might be able to extract animus without the experience drain (in the run, I had the player take NL damage {fatigue} instead). But they did not get much of a chance to see how effective this would be in bringing more Terra Cotta online.
The players also helped in establishing a link between a SM and an NPC. The SM was saved from Death the NPC was saved from a trap. The important plot point here is that the NPC: Chas is an 8th level cleric of Aru. This NPC is sure to understand and fight for the rights of SMs as a life form and not a construct (thing).

2. Most of this is discussed in number 1 above. However, with only 2 SM’s bonded more hosts would be needed. For plot purposes I had assumed that only a small number of SM’s were on the verge of death, but if the problem is not addressed, more SMs would die. My assumption is that the Aru cleric (Chas) will do everything to bring this to the attention of her church and as the bonding has a fair number of advantages, would hopefully be able to find hosts for any SMs that needed them.

3. The players as a group were satisfied to have defeated Emirikol’s henchmen and kill the evil SMs that had sided with him (these SMs had intended to steal and possess demi-human bodies – this would kill the host). One player (Tab Hunter/Sang Lee) however was not content to allow Emirikol to remain as a potential threat. He tricked Emirikol by giving him what he wanted most; his own body back, but then plunged a sword into his heart immediately. By the end of my least run, Emirikol’s influence had been ended and the big evil bad guy was dead.

4. The players ended the run by closing the weakpoint between the Faery world and the mortal realm. This was caused, by an object that did not belong on Faery that had been transported here years ago: the Crossroads tavern, meeting house for the Lamplighters Guild.


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