Spotlight on: General Ironhewer

A combat veteran of three major wars and the commander of northern Dwarvish forces during the campaign against Sumerilon, General Ironhewer thought he’d seen the end of his adventuring days with the death of Malchion.  ”Sixty years ago, I was more’n ready to retire to the ancestral mines and lead a quiet life.  But I made friends in the war, and while I have the strength to help them, by Daglir I will.”

While no one doubts the General’s strength of arms or suggests that he has lost his ability to command, some observers, pointing to his slightly protruding belly and his acceptance of the so-called “graft” races, believe that Ironhewer should have stayed retired.  When asked about the controversy over welcoming Catfolk, Eponai, and Perrin adventurers into Hireling Hall, he stated, “Some of my best friends in the war were grafts.  Don’t tell me the Eponai lack courage, and we would never have held out in the north without the Perrin blockade of key Sumerilon seaports.  I can’t believe that they willingly betrayed us in the High Steppes; Malchion had some kind of hold over them, and now that he’s dead, the grafts can lead a free life, if we can only forgive them.”

Next week: a brief recounting of the Graft Betrayal

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