Spotlight on: Berin Viperson, The Golden Traitor

During the height of the great war Berin Viperson was one of Malchion’s greatest agents in the shadow war of spies that almost went unnoticed beside the great battles.  Tall (for an elf) and dark, he was trained as both a thief and a mage a hundred years before the war in a defunct school of magic.  He is the last survivor of this tradition, as the others died during the war.  Called Malchion’s own thief by those, on both sides, who knew of him and his exploits it shocked everyone when he betrayed Malchion just before the final battle of the Neck of Thisted.

No one knows what drove him to this betrayal.  Whispers of a secret devotion to Ratri are generally discounted because of his part in the fall and looting of Ratri’s secret temple near Delft.  All that is agreed upon is that without him the Great Leviathan, built by the Artificer Urzo, would have fallen on the defenders of the Neck without warning.  Instead his information led the heroes, Keithose, Jescott, Maione, Gohen and Somay to the place of its construction where they destroyed it and its maker, though Gohen and Somay died during the fight.

After the war Berin was allowed to retire to the village of Spanday in the northeast of Umwelt, where Ironhewer figured he could keep an eye on the elf.  The long years have relaxed the vigilance of the watchers, and now he has disappeared, to Ironhewer’s dismay.  “I’ve no doubt that we’ll find Viperson has had a hand in all the troubles we’ve seen lately,” growled the General when asked.  “Once a traitor and all that.”

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