Spotlight on: Gladys Lamplight

Gladys Lamplight, a human on the wrong side of middle age, did not earn distinction on the field, but was invaluable to the Army of Unity because of her research.  Unfortunately much of what Gladys had to offer was incomprehensible to the High Command without an interpreter.  Zerlana, one of the younger elven battlemages, was assigned full-time to the task after Gal Pol-Li noticed her exceptional ability to keep Gladys on task and to the point “so we can get back out there and blow stuff up.”  In what would prove to be the waning days of the war, Lamplight and Zerlana disappeared from the main force (with Theodoric, Asha Half-Elven, “Hellenic” Trebor, and Escher Coli).  The nature of their mission is secret, but is believed to have played a role in Malchion’s ultimate downfall. 

After the war, Zerlana enjoyed a brief period of adventuring fame, then returned to her people to instruct the next generation of elven battlemages.  She is loathe to interact with non-elven demihumans, and categorically refuses to speak to the press.  Bereft of his deity, Theodoric returned to his homeland in York to work with Daglir craftsmen.  Trebor and Escher died on the mission and were given heroes’ funerals after the war.  Gladys participated as a functionary in the postwar celebrations, then disappeared into the research stacks of the great libraries and then from the public record.

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