Spotlight on: Nasiat Stoneblood

Perhaps better known under his stage name, Foxley, Nasiat Stoneblood was a dwarven jester employed in the Sumerilon courts.  Early on in the war he was recruited by the boggies; Foxley’s ability to insult people in such a way that the one insulted was usually laughing harder than anyone else quickly gained him access to the High reaches of Sumerilon nobility.  Soon Foxley was performing regularly at the Imperial palace.  Even though Malchion himself rarely attended the performances, Foxley gained much information from the leaders who did. 

In the brief leadership vacuum that followed Gal Pol-Li’s death in the Graft Betrayal, William the Brown-Haired set up a desperate assassination attempt.  Armed with magic supplied to him by the allies, Foxley tried to maneuver himself near Malchion during a feast, but was captured by the guards before he could strike.  He was summarily handed over to Malchion’s torturers and soon the other members of his cell operating within Sumerilon were hunted down and destroyed.

The Allies were therefore surprised when he was delivered weeks later to Ironhewer’s command base by Berin Viperson.  This was the first step in Berin’s great betrayal of Malchion.

Crippled in body and spirit Foxley was given over to the clerics of Aru and spent the rest of the war recovering, though he never performed again.  After the war Foxley, reverting to his birth name of Nasiat Stoneblood, was knighted and given land to the southwest of Thisted as his fee.  He has spent the years since involved in local politics and amassing great wealth.

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