Spotlight on: Broderick Bracegirdle

Broderick Bracegirdle, hobbit hero (pantheist), is credited with discovering Auritania’s allegiance to Sumerilon while on holiday in Auritania.  He noted, in a letter to a travel journal he occasionally wrote for, the greatly increased number of statues commemorating Auritania’s long-gone military past.  The journal article caused immediate concern in certain high circles, and just as they were confirming that the new statues were, in fact, Sumerilon war golems, Malchion gave the signal to attack the Hellenic Empire.  Fortunately for us, his forces for attacking Thisted and Almere were not in position yet, and so those countries were not overrun. 

Broderick later marched in the Army of Unity under Gal Pol-Li’s banner, and survived the Graft Betrayal.  He is retired to his native Camborough in a manor outside Blennam, where he plans to celebrate his eleventy-first birthday in the near future.

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