PrinceCon 36: wrapping up

Once again, we wanted to thank everyone who was able to come to PrinceCon 36 and once again having the stamina to participate in the world’s finest 46-hour roleplaying marathon that can be completed in only 45 hours.  This year you braved a complex overarching theme that featured dozens of moving pieces, PCs turning into NPCs, and combinatorics in  addition to the usual array of monsters, bandits, thinly veiled cultural references, and sleep deprived Game Masters.

Below is a brief explanation of the what happened to lead up to the events of the con.  GM-specific wrapups to come as they’re available.

Sixty-three years ago Malchion, the Mage-King of Sumerilon, sought to remake creation in his own image. In secret he strove against the gods themselves, and devised a spell that would subvert the faith of a deity’s followers and rechannel those energies to fuel his personal power.  But while his might was great, Malchion found himself seconds from death at the hands of Romulus Pendragon.  Desperately, he prepared to Teleport away, as Pendragon held his combat action to gain the final blessings from the High Priests, and as Malchion started to Teleport, Pendragon struck, shattering Malchion’s crystalline heart into 36 pieces.  While Malchion’s body died that day, his spirit lived on in the shards of his heart that teleported to random locations around the continent.  Over time, they were slowly found, and slowly corrupted their owners, until the last shard was found, and they willed their owners to seek each other out.

All in all, the Champions of the Light fared badly against their former enemy, and the list of corrupted champions is long, including General Ironhewer, King Romulus Pendragon, Gladys Lamplight, Foxley, Allison Searock, and others.  BUT there are also stories of redemption, from the clearing of Morrigan Pendragon’s name, to Broseph Veritas Ecclesiastes being saved from complete corruption and possession by the spirit of Malchion.

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