Brunhilda’s Guide to Drinking in the Nymphidae Ghetto (+Zombie Cults)

Or, The Player Report to Alex’s Friday Evening Run

Five tall, hooded (hallucination-wielding!) undead charged into the Nim ghetto and stole the body of a Nim (Thorn) who was murdered at the same time as the First Citizen, in the same way.  They have been kidnapping Nymphidae for the past 6-8 months (today Gilly & Willow) and performing strange rituals on them in (shoddy) underground tunnels beneath the Olivine that lead to a lost Nymphaea, buried 300 years ago.  The entrance is in a building in the ghetto — beware 4(?) pit traps in the tunnel.

** Did I mention undead? **

Thorn’s spirit wasn’t able to leave her body (as Nim spirits usually do).  The bad, tall fellows (cult followers? see sketch of their tattoos) were carrying spirit swords – directly attacking Nymphidae.  Sextus examined Thorn, says no danger of her body contaminated w/First Citizen’s madness, and claims it was a “copycat” killing.  We followed tunnels to catacombs (w/ Goldberry, a Nymphidae Cleric)  FULL OF UNDEAD  “City will feel the wrath of the undying one” cult.  Preacher w/pope hat.  Kneeling people.  “Fed to the Baron!”

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  1. That looks/sounds strangely familiar…. :)

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