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PrinceCon 38 recap — Chris’s scenario

Lucius Gaius was originally supposed to be very Winston Churchill, but a lot of Tony Soprano and Malcom X got mixed in when I actually ran him.
First run 
Players are sent to discover why the Senate has ordered the masters of the Hall arrested. They find out the senate is mainly controlled by two people, Aimale Arathorn, wife of the just assassinated First Citizen and Lucius Gaius, a Hogbound Senator. They have to meet with them to try and convince them to revoke the arrest order and free the masters. Aimale will refuse to help them, Lucius will help; but only after the players wipe out a Daglirae gang that has taken over the docks. The Daglirae have imposed their own cultural rules on the area and pushed out 3 hogbound gangs that used to control it.
 The party did a decent job getting in to see Gaius, and he sends them off to the docks with very little explanation in order to see how they do. They use massive disguise skills and invisibility spells to get into the dock area and check things out. While half the party is in disguise and stuck during the Drinking Time, pouring ale over themselves to try and fit in without getting too too drunk, the invisible half of the party decides to take advantage of the absence of guards and steal with the two person gimbal-mounted heavy crossbow turret and run for it. Of course, the guards notice the missing weapon and set off an alarm. The invisible ones decide that they have enough loot for one run, and take off. The disguised ones look at all the guards starting a search pattern, searching for anything suspicious, like disguised adventurers, and decide that running away is the better part of valor. They do a decent job, up until the one with the slowest move ends up getting stuck alone in an alley, with guards about to discover him. Did the rest of the party fight? Make a distraction? Maybe grab him and try and pull him along? Nope! Truly this was a weekend of Friends like These.  Luckily that guy had a great disguise skill and successfully pretended to be a dead guy suffering only minor trampling damage when the guards marched over his “Corpse”
So in the end, the party did not drive off the Daglirae, but they got some clues as to their routines, and weakened their defenses for the next group.
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