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Should PrinceCon switch to D&D 5e?

dungeons-and-dragons-logoThe GMs are considering a change from our traditional system (which we converted to 3.5 OGL some years ago) to running 5th edition D&D pretty straight. For example, we might keep graft races and use our own pantheon, but we would adopt the D&D initiative system, magic system, and clerical system. As you might expect, GM opinion runs the gamut. Some of us prefer the original PrinceCon system’s approach to tone, style of GMing, and system issues, while others of us prefer the approach used by 5th edition. In addition, here are specific arguments for each side.

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GMs arguing for a switch to 5th edition give these reasons:

  • Many newer players are already familiar with 5th edition and thus will find less of a learning curve to get into playing in PrinceCon.
  • Using a published system that is somewhat fairly balanced eliminates many balance issues identified by players in recent cons.
  • Using a popular published system will open PrinceCon to more and younger attendees, expanding our base and giving us potential for future growth.

GMs reluctant to change give these reasons:

  • The PrinceCon system as currently constituted is well designed and optimized for just the kind of marathon shared-world roleplaying that we do at PrinceCon.
  • Many of our GMs are unfamiliar with 5th edition and may not guarantee that they will run it well (at least for the first year) while we can run the current system in our sleep (and sometimes do).
  • Change is hard, especially for us crotchety old folks (GMs and/or long-time players).

So, we are asking the player community what you think. If people are greatly in favor one way or the other, we will almost certainly go with that. If opinion is somewhere in the middle, we may need to let Leo decide and hold a formal combat between Bob and Aaron.

Would you

  • Enthusiastically support a conversion to 5th edition
  • Not care one way or the other, you just like going to PrinceCon
  • You’ll pry my conbook out of my cold, dead hands

Your opinions one way or the other will greatly influence our final decision. And perhaps save the lives of one (or both) of Bob and Aaron.

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