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PrinceCon 42 is going D&D 5e!

dungeons-and-dragons-logo After gathering your input and spending the summer and fall playing 5e games, the PrinceCon GMs have decided to go with D&D 5th Edition for PrinceCon 42.

We’ll still keep some of our system tweaks — you won’t track gold pieces at the convention and you’ll pick from races suitable to the theme. But the core rules will be 5th edition, straight from the Player’s Handbook. Our playtest games have shown that we can still run the games we want to run, in the worlds we want to run in.

Some of the advantages of 5e include:

  • Adopting a well-tested system eliminates many balance issues identified by players in recent cons. There will also be less to re-learn from con to con.
  • The rule book you use at the con will be much more useful to you through the rest of the year.
  • Many newer players are already familiar with 5th edition and thus will find less of a learning curve to get into playing in PrinceCon.
  • Using a popular published system will open PrinceCon to more and younger attendees, expanding our base and giving us potential for future growth.

In other news, we’ll be adding a formal Code of Conduct for the convention, and we expect to be returning to Campus Club (the same location as last year). The on-site coffee maker was especially nice for those overnight games!

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