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Alex’s Scenario Recap (PCon 42)

Many players came from a world previously destroyed by Gargravarr.

What if the ruins of some of the worlds existed, and what if you could visit those ruins, and what if… the ruins were of old PrinceCon worlds?

Thus the Guide was born, and players traveled into a number of worlds to find representative items that could be used in the ritual to make Gargravarr disgorge World Hearts.  In the end, representatives or representative items were found for nearly all worlds that Gargravarr swallowed.


  • Ratri followers traded Baby Audrey, the Seedling of Life, to Elddir for a tool that would free Ratri from her prison in the Last Meadhall in the Multiverse, in exchange for a new Guide page that would lead to Gargravarr’s homeworld, along with a Fate Stone as a representative item for the ritual

  • Players later convinced Haroun al-Marid to contribute Baby Audrey as a representative item to the ritual

  • Players rescued Jaclyn from undead on the frozen planet so that Kristof, her love, would return a piece of the Heart of Rage of Pangaea so that Lydia Blattaria could be restored from suspended animation so that she could aid the final ritual by contributing a piece of the Shattered Heart and a piece of pure Orichalkon from the Pocket Universe

  • Players later convinced the undead on the Frozen Planet to contribute a piece of the Heart of Warmth.  In exchange, priests of Thoki (the god of the undead) are allowed to convert willing people to their religion

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