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Spotlight on: Broderick Bracegirdle

Broderick Bracegirdle, hobbit hero (pantheist), is credited with discovering Auritania’s allegiance to Sumerilon while on holiday in Auritania.  He noted, in a letter to a travel journal he occasionally wrote for, the greatly increased number of statues commemorating Auritania’s long-gone military past.  The journal article caused immediate concern in certain high circles, and just as they were confirming that the new statues were, in fact, Sumerilon war golems, Malchion gave the signal to attack the Hellenic Empire.  Fortunately for us, his forces for attacking Thisted and Almere were not in position yet, and so those countries were not overrun. 

Broderick later marched in the Army of Unity under Gal Pol-Li’s banner, and survived the Graft Betrayal.  He is retired to his native Camborough in a manor outside Blennam, where he plans to celebrate his eleventy-first birthday in the near future.

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Spotlight on: Nasiat Stoneblood

Perhaps better known under his stage name, Foxley, Nasiat Stoneblood was a dwarven jester employed in the Sumerilon courts.  Early on in the war he was recruited by the boggies; Foxley’s ability to insult people in such a way that the one insulted was usually laughing harder than anyone else quickly gained him access to the High reaches of Sumerilon nobility.  Soon Foxley was performing regularly at the Imperial palace.  Even though Malchion himself rarely attended the performances, Foxley gained much information from the leaders who did. 

In the brief leadership vacuum that followed Gal Pol-Li’s death in the Graft Betrayal, William the Brown-Haired set up a desperate assassination attempt.  Armed with magic supplied to him by the allies, Foxley tried to maneuver himself near Malchion during a feast, but was captured by the guards before he could strike.  He was summarily handed over to Malchion’s torturers and soon the other members of his cell operating within Sumerilon were hunted down and destroyed.

The Allies were therefore surprised when he was delivered weeks later to Ironhewer’s command base by Berin Viperson.  This was the first step in Berin’s great betrayal of Malchion.

Crippled in body and spirit Foxley was given over to the clerics of Aru and spent the rest of the war recovering, though he never performed again.  After the war Foxley, reverting to his birth name of Nasiat Stoneblood, was knighted and given land to the southwest of Thisted as his fee.  He has spent the years since involved in local politics and amassing great wealth.

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Spotlight on: William the Brown-Haired

While the heroic exploits of the great generals and heroic warriors are justly celebrated, great wars cannot be won solely by following the Seven Commandments of Janda*.   There is a need for deception, spies and dark deeds in the service of the Light.   The Order of Redoubtable Ratri was founded by the colorful and accomplished William the Brown-Haired: scholar, adventurer, magical adept and sometime priest.   Its agents performed many dangerous missions inside Sumerilon-held territory: the most dangerous performed by a secret circle within the order, known as the Department of Dirty Tricks, dominated by hobbits and somewhat affectionately known as the Boggies.  The master (she preferred not being called mistress) of the boggies was Allison Searock.   

The most famous and successful of William’s exploits was Operation Arctic Wolf, better known as the “Army that Wasn’t”.  This was an elaborate deception in which numerous Janda clerics were systematically fed false information that certain Sumerilon agents were themselves being told lies about Ironhewer’s plans.   Because of the commandment “never through inaction [to] allow a lie to be believed”, they were compelled to reveal the “true” information in their possession, then to turn themselves in for violating the laws regarding secrecy, expecting an ignominious death on the scaffold.  Because they were believed, Malchion diverted significant force away from Ironhewer’s army at a critical juncture.   When the operation became public after the War, it caused a rift in the religious community.  The few remaining Janda clerics abandoned public life, and the judicial functions formerly performed by her clerics were taken over by Mavors.

William the Brown-haired never settled down after the War.   Although human and well over sixty when the war ended, he led several fact-finding expeditions deep into Sumerilon territory, adamant that all of Malchion’s secrets should be searched out long after others had lost interest.    Twelve years after the end of the War, he fell down a crevasse and his body was never recovered.

Allison Searock served for a time as spymaster for King Pendragon, but the strain of working among so many Mavors caused her to leave and to take service with Almere.   She now lives in retirement in Camborough and has recently celebrated her eleventy-first birthday.

* = “I am Janda, goddess of Truth, and these are my commandments.   Obey them all if possible, but if not, obey the one stated first in preference to the latter-stated.  Thou shalt not tell a lie.   Thou shalt not through inaction allow a lie to be believed.   Thou shalt give worship to Janda as meet and due for your station in life.  When Thou art called to judgment, thou shalt give true judgment to the best of thy ability.   Thou shalt obey the laws of the land wherein thou art.  Thou shalt perform all thine oaths.  Thou shalt endeavor to do justice in all things.”

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Spotlight on: Tirion Elkone

Twin brothers Tirion and Cadmus Elkone were members of the Janda order of the Wrathful Avengers, and active leaders in the western resistance against Sumerilon.  Their unit captured a strongpoint in the mountains that allowed safe passage for the Army of Unity, and the Elkone brothers themselves defeated the twin guardians of the citadel in single, er, double combat.

Sadly, a few weeks after Malchion was defeated, a madness took Cadmus and he tried to kill Tirion.  Cadmus fell to his death, and though the gorge was searched, the body was never found.

Shouldering his magical blue oilskin, Tirion went into the Sumerilon wastelands, seeking answers from his god, and his current whereabouts are unknown.  He was unavailable for comment at the time of the printing of this article.

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Spotlight on: Gladys Lamplight

Gladys Lamplight, a human on the wrong side of middle age, did not earn distinction on the field, but was invaluable to the Army of Unity because of her research.  Unfortunately much of what Gladys had to offer was incomprehensible to the High Command without an interpreter.  Zerlana, one of the younger elven battlemages, was assigned full-time to the task after Gal Pol-Li noticed her exceptional ability to keep Gladys on task and to the point “so we can get back out there and blow stuff up.”  In what would prove to be the waning days of the war, Lamplight and Zerlana disappeared from the main force (with Theodoric, Asha Half-Elven, “Hellenic” Trebor, and Escher Coli).  The nature of their mission is secret, but is believed to have played a role in Malchion’s ultimate downfall. 

After the war, Zerlana enjoyed a brief period of adventuring fame, then returned to her people to instruct the next generation of elven battlemages.  She is loathe to interact with non-elven demihumans, and categorically refuses to speak to the press.  Bereft of his deity, Theodoric returned to his homeland in York to work with Daglir craftsmen.  Trebor and Escher died on the mission and were given heroes’ funerals after the war.  Gladys participated as a functionary in the postwar celebrations, then disappeared into the research stacks of the great libraries and then from the public record.

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