PrinceCon 31 – Alex’s scenario recap

The primary goal of my scenario was to resolve the storylines of the Monstrous and Demihuman Trees of Life. The essential problems facing the characters were as follows:

  1. Elsie was dying and could not be saved on her own; the Central Isles priests needed to be convinced of this
  2. Audrey could not “take over” Elsie’s root system, and she needed proof of this
  3. Even if you convinced everyone that both were necessary for survival, they couldn’t be merged without some primordial artifact of great power.

The players managed to:

  1. Attach special blossoms to Audrey that allowed her to more directly ignore — I mean, communicate with — Sammael
  2. Attach a similar blossom to Elsie and escort Escher, an Aru cleric on a pilgrimage, to meet Audrey. Audrey was not happy having to use Sammael as a go-between, so the next group
  3. Attached a blossom to Elsie that allowed direct contact with Audrey.
  4. Remove Taerth from Elsie, which gave them a nasty surprise — as Taerth fell from his throne, his bones and skin cracked open. In horror, they watched as 13 Thorn Born drakes emerged from Taerth’s body, and in greater horror, watched as the Mavors clerics present cast Bane Undead on themselves and proceeded to attack the player characters. It turned out the high temple priest of Mavors was Thorn Bitten.
  5. Figure out that the hint hint catalyst for merging Audrey and Elsie was the Seed and the Acorn. The Seed was hidden away in the House of Escher behind a combination staircase, and the Acorn was the Aru cleric Escher.

Nomination for “With friends like these…”
Xon (Sang Lee) and Therur (Jeff Houston) let Saiene, a notorious bughieman and member of the Hand of Dusk, free from Audrey’s imprisonment, under the rationale that their characters were a beholder and bughieman, respectively, who idolized Zazz/Wilson (a beholder member of the Hand of Dusk) and Saiene. Helping him escape was the least they could do.

Nomination for “These shells are so lifelike, I forgot I was undead!”
The exact circumstances escape me, but the group on my first run was facing some difficult decision, and one of the character’s suggestions was: “We could wait until dawn…”

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PrinceCon 31 – Awards

Best Overall Player: Tim Oliver

Best Role-Player: Steven Wolfson

Best Tactician: Greg Arzoomanian

Best Strategist: Kelly West

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