Code of Conduct

PrinceCon Code of Conduct


At PrinceCon multiple people have come together in order to make an event in an environment that is both fun and comfortable for everyone involved.  This Code of Conduct was written to help make sure all participants are comfortable and having fun.

We recognize that this is a Role-Playing convention and that ideas and words expressed by individuals are often “in character” and not meant to offend or make anyone uncomfortable.  However, we also recognize that things being said in character are still capable of offending or causing discomfort and thus also need to be regulated.


PrinceCon complies with Princeton University’s Rights Rules and Responsibilities ; the regulations put forth in the code of conduct are meant to emphasize points more directly relevant to the venue.  Princeton University, and thus PrinceCon, abides by state law in regard to Drugs, Alcohol, and Smoking.

1 Gaming Conduct

Keeping in mind the fact that this is a convention centered around role-playing, we do realize actions of a character may not reflect the intention of the player, however the following regulations are put in effect to keep gaming fun and comfortable for everyone.

1.1 Communication

Everyone gets a turn to speak at the table.  PrinceCon wants everyone to enjoy themselves, and that means no one character is more important than the others.  Regardless of Charisma or Intelligence scores all players should be given a right to communicate in regard to strategy and receive equal opportunities to role-play.

1.2 Meta-gaming

We understand that at times it is difficult to differentiate between in-character and out-of-character knowledge; however we do request no one takes advantage of knowledge they gain through out-of-character means.

1.3 In-Character

Being in-character can excuse some conduct, for example if two characters dislike each other, but this should not carry over into an out-of-character grudge.  Any and all in-character conduct and backstory should be monitored by the player to make sure it adheres to the code of conduct, especially section 2.4, or the PG-13 regulation.  Remember, there are children in attendance at the convention, as well as many people of alternative view points;, be sensitive and mature at all times.

2 Interpersonal Conduct

Outside of gaming regulations these are things to always be taken into account while on the venue.

2.1 Ethics

Basic code of ethics and conduct

  • Do not violate any federal, state, or local laws,; facility rules; or convention policies
  • Comply with the instructions of PrinceCon administration and PSafe
  • Do not use anything in a threatening or destructive manner against person or property
  • Do not threaten or endanger the safety of oneself or others
  • Always conduct oneself in a mature manner

2.2 Respect

PrinceCon expects players, GMs, and administration to respect each other’s views, opinions, and beliefs.  Try to keep everyone around you comfortable and respect their property and person.

2.3 Harassment

PrinceCon is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience.  Harassment includes but is not limited to discrimination or negative remarks on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, or affiliation.  Convention participants violating these rules may be subjected to punishments outlined in section 3.3 of this document.

2.4 PG-13

PrinceCon is an open environment for participants of all ages and for this reason we request all conduct and language, in-character or otherwise, to be “PG-13.”  In other words, make sure that all language and conduct, both in and out of game, would fit in a PG-13 movie.  We’d like to remind participants that there are children around.  Convention participants violating these rules may be subjected to punishments outlined in section 3.3 of this document.

3 Violations

PrinceCon is an event put on by the SGU all final decisions in regards to violations should be referenced through the Student Officers of the SGU before being considered official.

3.1 Reporting

Anyone is capable of reporting another individual’s conduct to a GM, administrator, or the desk in Hireling Hall.  Such reports are encouraged and all of them will be looked into to the best of our ability.

3.2 Warnings

3.2.1 GM Warnings

A GM warning is any warning issued by the GM in game towards a player in regard to their conduct; these warnings are to be taken seriously as any GM has the right to remove a player from their session.  Depending on the severity of the conduct, GMs can report their warnings to the front desk/administration to keep a record of the event.

3.2.2 Official Warnings

Official warnings are warnings designated by a Student Officer or administrator.  These warnings are the result of complaints or directly witnessing behavior considered unsuited for the convention, or violating the code of conduct.  Official warnings are recorded and as such failure to correct behavior will result in punishment.

3.3 Punishment

3.3.1 Removal from Session

All GMs maintain the right to remove players from their session.  These removals should abide by the PrinceCon code of conduct.  Even if no significant citation is found, however, a GM may remove a player for any level of perceived discomfort they or the players experience.  PrinceCon is an open event where we consider our players’ and GMs’ comfort to be a priority; this authority is given to GMs for this sake.  If a GM seems to be abusing this authority, it is grounds to report the GM to administration.

3.3.2 Removal from the Convention without Refund

In any situation where negative behavior is cited and continues uncorrected administration may decide to remove you from the convention without refund; this applies to both players and GMs.  In certain situations, if it is decided that the behavior is of sufficient severity, as determined by student officers and administrative officials, the perpetrator may be removed without first receiving a warning.

3.3.3 Receiving a Ban from the Convention

If an individual shows flagrant disregard for the code of conduct, administration, GMs, etc., and it seems as though they have no intention to correct their behavior in the future; administration and the SGU maintains the right to ban individuals from participating in PrinceCon at any future date in addition to removing them without refund.