Con Books

Here are all the Con Books and supplementary rules from past PrinceCon events.

e-Reader PDFs are formatted for online viewing, including a PDF table of contents, hyperlinks, etc.  It is our goal to eventually release all the con books in both e-Reader and printable format, though it may take quite some time to complete this effort.

Printable PDFs or Word DOCs are the traditional printed con book format, with cross-references as page numbers instead of hyperlinks and a wider inside margin to allow for stapling or binding.  The ones that are Word files contain macros (perhaps used to generate spell lists).

Scanned PDFs are our initial import of the Con Books further back than our present electronic records extend.  Time permitting, we plan to OCR them and release them in better formats.  They were scanned at 300dpi to allow for OCR and are therefore rather large files.  All the content in the scanned PDFs is in images, so you cannot select or search for text, etc.  When the older books are updated to the other formats, we will use the current spell and prayer list formats and spell index format, but are otherwise fairly faithful to the formatting of the original book.

Con Books

Convention e-Reader PDF Printable File Scanned PDF
PrinceCon 45 conbook45.pdf conbook45.pdf
PrinceCon 44 conbook44.pdf conbook44.pdf
PrinceCon 43 conbook43.pdf conbook43.pdf
PrinceCon 42 conbook42.pdf conbook42.pdf
PrinceCon 41 conbook41.pdf conbook41.pdf
PrinceCon 40 conbook40.pdf conbook40.pdf
PrinceCon 39 conbook39.pdf conbook39.pdf
PrinceCon 38 conbook38.pdf
PrinceCon 37 conbook37.pdf
PrinceCon 36 conbook36.pdf
PrinceCon 35 conbook35.pdf
PrinceCon 34 conbook34.pdf
PrinceCon 33 conbook33.pdf
PrinceCon 32 conbook32.pdf
PrinceCon 31 conbook31.pdf
PrinceCon 30 conbook30.pdf
Convention e-Reader PDF Printable File Scanned PDF
PrinceCon 29 conbook29.pdf
PrinceCon 28 conbook28.pdf
PrinceCon 27 conbook27.doc
PrinceCon 26 conbook26.doc
PrinceCon 25 conbook25.doc
PrinceCon 24 conbook24.doc
PrinceCon 23 conbook23.doc
PrinceCon 22 conbook22.pdf (5MB)
PrinceCon 21 conbook21.pdf (7MB)
PrinceCon 20 conbook20.pdf (6MB)
Convention e-Reader PDF Printable File Scanned PDF
PrinceCon 19 conbook19.pdf (6MB)
PrinceCon 18 conbook18.pdf (5MB)
PrinceCon 17 conbook17.pdf conbook17.pdf conbook17.pdf (6MB)
PrinceCon 16 conbook16.pdf (6MB)
PrinceCon 15 conbook15.pdf conbook15.pdf conbook15.pdf (6MB)
PrinceCon 14 conbook14.pdf conbook14.pdf conbook14.pdf (5MB)
PrinceCon 13 conbook13.pdf (5MB)
PrinceCon 12 conbook12.pdf conbook12.pdf conbook12.pdf (26MB)
PrinceCon 11 conbook11.pdf (18MB)
PrinceCon 10 conbook10.pdf (4MB)
Convention e-Reader PDF Printable File Scanned PDF
PrinceCon 9 conbook9.pdf (2MB)
PrinceCon 8 conbook8.pdf (2MB)
PrinceCon 6-7 conbook6-7.pdf (huge)
PrinceCon 3-5 conbook3.pdf (4MB)
PrinceCon 1-2 No printed book

Unabridged “Tome” of PrinceCon

Currently there’s an effort underway to assemble a comprehensive PrinceCon manual, which could be used either for non-convention games, or for GMs at the convention. It is still in the early stages, currently containing many additional religions and a brief description of some additional character races. We plan to continue to expand this over time.

Item Books

Here are the item books we have on record:

Other Books and Rules