Past Events

PrinceCon 44: The Lost Holds

March 15-17, 2019

A thousand years ago the Dwarven empire of Khazthand was the most prosperous civilization above or below the surface of the world. Then it fell precipitously to ruin, and the empire shrank to the last hold of Arkinthel. There the dwarves sealed great magic doors to shut out the enemy beyond the gates. Khazthandians have never forgotten the never-again matched splendor of their empire of old, however, and now is the time to reclaim them.

PrinceCon 43: The Grand Menagerie

March 16-18, 2018

Every 200 years, a different god sets the parameters of The Contest between all the continents (including the merfolk and sea-bound races) and bestows wondrous, divine gifts upon the winners. On the first day of Spring this year, heralded by the Aurora, a new contest began. Hione, God of Knowledge, tasked each country with collecting the largest, most diverse, and rarest creatures from around the world, to create the Grand Menagerie.

PrinceCon 42: Life, the Multiverse, and Everything

March 17-19, 2017

Our wise and benevolent leader, Gargravarr, heads the Council of Light and has great plans for the future. You as PCs, however, have direct experience with Gargravarr. You see, you weren’t originally born here. You first gained immortality when Gargravarr came to your home world. But, that was only useful long enough to witness him consuming, and ultimately destroying, your world. You have your work cut out for you if you wish to see a future for this world.

PrinceCon 41: Gods Save Our Queen

March 11-13, 2016

Her Royal Majesty, Queen Nayla of Nassau has ascended to a throne under assault from many factions and lands. If she is not to be a brief footnote in history, the Queensguard will need to step up to defend the realm and the Queen’s honor.

PrinceCon 40: Twilight of the Gods

March 13-15, 2015

The pantheon has been shaken up and Giants are roaming the land. The world’s only hope? Summoning long-dead heroes from Valor Hall to set things right.

PrinceCon 39: Shroud of the World

March 14-16, 2014

A disaster of epic proportions ejects the players from their comfortable valley; they must brave the wasteland in search of the legendary stronghold far to the West.

Princecon 38: Head of State

March 15-17, 2013

When the First Citizen is assassinated on the steps of the capitol, the players must solve the murder and restore leadership to the Republic of Clio before an invading army reaches the City.

Princecon 37: Ockham’s Edge

March 16-18, 2012

Competing invading realities threaten the possibility of the world of Ockham.

PrinceCon 36: Champions of the Light

March 11-13, 2011

A series of bizarre murders gives a new generation of heroes the chance to prove their mettle.

PrinceCon 35: The Gold Rush

March 12-14, 2010

The discovery of a “pocket universe” provides new worlds for adventurers to explore, and threatens to upset the balance of power in the old country.

PrinceCon 34: Be the Barbarian

March 13-15, 2009

Centuries after the Mage Wars nearly destroyed the world, the oppressive New Kingdom enforces its ban on all magic, threatening the continued free existence of shamanic hill tribes, one of the last bastions of “free magic”.

PrinceCon 33: Ghost and Clay

March 14-16, 2008

The players are unwitting prisoners in a Faerie dungeon, with their memories being regularly drained for a possibly sinister purpose.

PrinceCon 32 : Falling Water

March 16-18, 2007

What if the world’s mightiest heroes didn’t save the day? Would the sun splinter into a thousand shards, the moon burst into pieces, and the earth crack open and break into fragments, with only the mighty River that once circled the world connecting them? Well, that’s what’s going to happen to the RiverWorld 32 days before PrinceCon 32. The PC’s are survivors — students of the former heroes — and are going put the pieces back together and save as many other survivors as possible!

PrinceCon 31 : The Withering

March 17-19, 2006

The players, as representatives of Sammael, the Tree of Death, journey to the Living Side as corporeal undead to save the world from being drained of souls by the Thorn Bush, a perversion of the Tree of Life created by the evil mage/floramancer Aruan.

PrinceCon 30 : A New Hope

March 11-13, 2005

Twenty-eight years after the monsters took control of the Wheel, the demihumans and grafts rise up in rebellion.

PrinceCon 29 : The Tree of Life

March 12-14, 2004

Monsters (the player characters), driven to the edges of the Great Wheel, mount counterattacks upon the demihumans.

PrinceCon 28 : Horde of the Kings

March 14-16, 2003

For thousands of years, darkness has reigned, but as the warlords have feuded, the watch on Wyzendor has slept.  Now the forces of good prepare to find the reborn king, join the ancient gifts and resurge…

PrinceCon 27 : The Curse of Winter

March 15-17, 2002

PrinceCon 26 : Barbarians at the Gate

PrinceCon 25 : Save the Worlds

PrinceCon 24: Faerie Con

March 12-14, 1999

The Faeries have been forced out of the Mortal Realm by the Dragons. The Dragons have sucked all the Mana out of the world into their private stores, and the Faeries cannot live without it. But the land of Faerie cannot support them forever either. Unfortunately, Faerie and the Mortal Realm follow different paths through space and time, and travel between the two is nearly impossible.

The Faery Elders, however, have managed to support 24-hour Conjunctions, which synchronize time between the two lands and allow limited travel in between. These Conjunctions happen every few weeks for Faeries, and every few decades for the Mortals. The Faeries have to use these brief opportunities to release the Mana back into the Mortal Realm, save the Mortals from the grip of the Dragons, and defeat the Dragons themselves.

PrinceCon 23: Monster Con II

PrinceCon 22: AfterCon

PrinceCon 21: Waterworld

PrinceCon 20: Triple Con

PrinceCon 19: Pandora Con

PrinceCon 18: Curse of the Green Star

PrinceCon 17: Time Con

PrinceCon 16: SpiritCon

PrinceCon 15: Writ of Banning

PrinceCon 14: Exploration Con

PrinceCon 13: Monster Con I

PrinceCon 12: Laws of Mythlaya

PrinceCon 11: Ffloyd’s of Fflondon

PrinceCon 10: War Against Kalguz

PrinceCon 9: Riddle of the Keys

PrinceCon 8: Great Murder Mystery

PrinceCon 7: Princecon VII

PrinceCon 6: Princecon VI

PrinceCon 5: Princecon V

PrinceCon 4: Princecon IV

PrinceCon 3: Princecon III

PrinceCon 2: Princeton D&D Con II

PrinceCon 1: Princeton D&D Con I