PrinceCon 03

Director: Dave Parker and Tom Gluick

PrinceCon III (the first con called “PrinceCon” in all materials) saw a return to the basic idea that PrinceCon has used ever since. Each GM produced a scenario that was essentially independent of the others, and players assembled at Hireling Hall for a standard D&D treasure hunt. As in PrinceCon I, experience was awarded based on treasure and combat experience, as for a normal campaign of the era.

This was the year of the first conbook, intended as a supplement to the original three books plus Greyhawk, and a copy was actually sent to T$R for comment. The conbook included original artwork by SGU members. We adopted Howard Mahler’s percentile combat system (essentially the one in use today), and his modified spell points and prayer points systems. For ease of coordination, burnout chances replaced charges and item cards were employed.