PrinceCon 05

Director: Bob West

Bob recounts:
This is the embarrassing con, because I was con director, and made a *HUGE* number of mistakes. There was little coordination — I assumed we were all on the same page. This resulted in a freshman’s telling a visiting Robert Sacks about six weeks before the con that he understood that the con had been cancelled. Robert diligently spread the word, and I spent the remaining time uncancelling the con. Amazingly, attendance was good.

I had a bright idea to do a mammoth multi-GM final run with all the best players, boost everyone’s character by a couple of levels, then send them on an epic quest. Unfortunately, the whole thing was not well-enough coordinated, I did not delegate properly, and was exhausted to boot by the time Sunday rolled around, so players suffered waits while GM’s waited for me to make rulings, and finally the remaining PC’s came to the lich’s lair, which was their destination, and I fell asleep in mid run. Legend has it that I fell asleep in mid sentence and awakened some minutes later, continuing the sentence. Obviously the swap-out/swap-in algorithm worked.