PrinceCon 06

Director: Peter Mayewski

PrinceCon VI learned a lot from the mistakes of PrinceCon V, and successfully executed the idea of a final run. The tasks were delegated to various GM’s, the overall design was KISS, and all went very well. The main accomplishment was the production of a complete conbook designed to be a stand-alone document, complete with magical items and more original artwork. Sales of the PrinceCon VI book, the “Blue Book” put together by Howard Mahler, Stephen Tihor, and David Parker, were a major source of revenue for the SGU for a couple of years, until we finally ran out.

Hugh Huntzinger recalls: the convention also included a “By Invitation Only Final Run” for select PC’s similar to prior years. In addition to a new-or-boosted character (I don’t recall which), each Player was given an Item, a Rumor, and then got to choose between another item or another rumor.

I believe that the objective of the final run was for the PC’s to start with different geographically dispersed GM’s to then Adventure/Travel their way to converge on a “super-dungeon” for the main event. There were plenty of distractions en route…

…during one such distraction, my ‘Pirate’ PC was enjoying a lethal double-cross of my gaming buddies from Drexel when my flying/invis MU ran into the side of that #)*$ flying/invisible sailing ship that had Tim (Necromancer __) & Kate (Barbarian Quinn) onboard, who took up chase & spoiled the spoiler.

While we mixed it up, the decimated Drexel contingent escaped, except for one who was swept downstream & over a waterfall. I think this was a thief being played by Steve Hardinger and the waterfall was the entrance into the final run dungeon everyone was trying to find, so he became the *only* PC who actually made it to the ‘starting point’ for the final run for VI.