PrinceCon 11 : Ffloyd’s of Fflondon

pcon_11_front_coverDirector: Dave Rowntree

Player characters are, believe it or not, *insurance inspectors*, going out to try to keep a huge insurance company from going belly-up due to a rash of claims. The rationale for sending adventurers was basically “If you can *fix* the problem, we won’t have to *pay* for it!”

York Dobyns recalls: This was my first Princecon as GM; I wrote up an insanely elaborate scenario that would have required 40 hours of continuous GMing to crack Part 1 (of 4), and an Item List that ran 12 pages in 8-point font, single-spaced. This was Back In The Day when the GM pack included a complete hardcopy printout of *all* items from *all* GMs. Today’s system is a *HUGE* improvement, even though you have to go browse the website to see the various cool, humorous, or creative items that other GMs didn’t manage to give out.

This was the year that Sean Fitts’ Elven Forest turned into the Dwarf-O-Matic through no particular fault of his own.