PrinceCon 12 : The Laws of Mythlaya

pcon_12_front_coverDirector: Sean Fitts

A.k.a. “Bitcon”; the underlying theme was “Save someone else’s world” — PCs were visitors to Mythlaya and could go back home to a safe place between scenarios. The decision that there should be one “bit” per run, with each GM taking one major “bit” and several minor ones, meant that we had something like 43 “bits” to fix, most of which were nothing more than minor quality of life issues. This was the year that gave us the Bob West Color Chart — twenty pages of what happens to every named color on an artist’s palette when the underlying color wheel rotates 120 degrees. This was one of the “bits”, although it had three settings instead of two. It also made the players really motivated to fix things when they discovered that Caucasian skin tones were “Smurf blue” in Mythlaya.

York Dobyns recalls: Oddly, I can remember that one of my minor bits was a screwy problem with friction (which led to rock-skiing ogres), but can’t for the life of me remember my major bit or climactic scenario. It’s all in my old Princecon papers … somewhere.

Bob West recalls: This was the year of the “miracle”, where the “there is no sun” bit was flipped just after a lich in my scenario (who could be out of doors) had cast a Concentrate on himself, and got all four surviving PC’s to fail their saves against the same Hold Person. He was about to slit the PC’s throats, when Winston came in with a paper announcing that the relevant bit had flipped. I rolled for time of day (publicly) and got 12 noon. The lich looked up, cursed, and was dispelled.

Hugh Huntzinger recalls: there were also some “Lords” as special NPC’s joining the PC’s on expeditions, who gained levels as bits got flipped (restored). There was also an ‘Alchemist’ NPC class that was being experimented with as a PC.

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Con Book Introduction


Welcome to Princecon XII. At this time each year the Princeton Simulation Games Union offers Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts the opportunity to get together for an exciting weekend of fantasy role-playing. We welcome you and hope that you enjoy yourself during the convention.

After you register, you should proceed to Hireling Hall to obtain your first character sheet. Don’t lose it, for you will need it to participate in the many scenarios or to get a new character should this one fall prey to an overzealous GM. You get to specify your character’s race, class, religion, and weapons — the requisites and hit points are all determined by computer. With this sheet, you are free to go on as many adventures as you wish. At the end of each expedition, you should go to Hireling Hall to get the experience due you (assuming your character has survived, of course). Your character will probably acquire magic items during the weekend, and you can keep these from one adventure to the next.

Adventures will start every hour or two throughout the weekend. Registration opens at 3 p.m. Friday, and the first scenarios begin as soon as the players and GMs are ready to go. Most adventures average 3-5 hours. Players at the convention will be attempting to sort out what has become of the natural balance in the land of Mythlaya. All adventuring will end at 3 p.m. Sunday, at which time everyone will convene in the Senate Chamber of Whig Hall. At 4 p.m. awards will be presented and the effects of the weekends activities on the Land of Mythlaya.

There have been the usual few changes in the rules since last years convention. Poor characters will be getting an experience bonus from the computer to help compensate for inferior requisites or hit points. This will insure that everyone has a charters with some assets. There has been a major change in the clerical system this year, with a new religion Barra, replacing one of the old religions. Other changes made in this years rules are restricted to minor modifications and clarifications. While a few percentages have changed the sequence of play remains the same.

But there is a catch, all systems are not functioning normally in the world of Mythlaya. Some of the changes are readily apparent, like the yellow twilight which exists 24 hours a day. Other effects have also been noted, and these are given in italics appropriate sections of the conbook. But many of the effects are to subtle to be easily understood, and only the weekend will reveal them. So many things will not always work exactly as the rules specify.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the following people for special help with this year’s con; Howard Mahler, the primary author of the game system, deserves special recognition; Peter Mayewski and Bob West revised and prepared the systems for use at Princecon; Tim Oliver designed our character generation and record keeping software; Shantanu Saha and Julie Kyle prepared the prizes and certificates; Keene Hudson created this years convention insignia.

To all of you my best wishes for a weekend of gaming.

Good Luck,

Sean Fitts
Director, Princecon XII

Council of Mythlaya

The Council of Lords of Mythlaya, would like to thank you for coming to our aid. it is of the utmost importance to us that the natural balance of our world be restored. The problem is a difficult one and we have tried to provide as much of the background information as is available. These notes are included in the appropriate sections of this tome.

Should you require advice or other assistance, please do not hesitate to seek any of us out. We will all be participating in and directing these efforts to the best of our abilities. We will be available at hireling hall when not resting or expeditioning. Even if unable to accompany all of your efforts, we will try to assist in any way possible. We greatly appreciate your help, as our own powers have suffered greatly with this crisis.

Count Briscoe (Howard Mahler)
Earl Benelux (Rich Eisenman)
Marquis Ottawaa (Hugh Huntzinger)
Archbishop Vicrong (Mark Cribbs)
Duke Kudzu, Chairman (Dave Ruzic)

Selection of “Bits”

Some of the italicized passages from the Con Book, indicating problems with the world:

  • (Hobbits) sometime have infravision
  • (Movement rates) which seem to vary are: Plate=3-6, Chain=6-9, Leather=9-12, Robes=9-12
  • Other circumstances may affect saving throws
  • (Barra) They are quite displeased with the current yellow twilight
  • (various weapons) have been unwieldy at times
  • metal weapons are prone to breaking
  • Thieves have been having trouble moving silently and climbing walls
  • It has been observed that MUs have been having trouble sleeping for more than one hour at a time without being awakened, while some MUs have been unable to recover points after a battle
  • Clerics have been recovering points at a slower rate. ┬áIt varies from cleric to cleric, you have been getting five