PrinceCon 23: Monster Con II

pcon_23_front_coverDirector: Homayoun Saleh
Dates: March 13-15, 1998

Ten years after PrinceCon 13, the original MonsterCon, we revisit the Dark Lord and Lady. In MonsterCon, the players served the Dark Lord by retrieving and constructing his bride, the dark Lady. The Dark Couple exchanged vows and rings, the humanoids exchanged fearful gazes. Before long, the monsters had forced their way into new lands, conquering the feeble populace, and basking in the glory of the Dark Dominion!

Now, however, life in the Dark Castle has fallen into disarray! Both the Dark Lord and the Dark Lady have lost their respective Rings, and have tried to keep the loss secret. The humandoids are trying to take advantage of the situation to recover the initiative, and drive the monsters out of their lands. Clearly things are getting out of hand, and something must be done!