PrinceCon 28 : Horde of the Kings

pcon_28_back_cover pcon_28_front_coverDirector: Erin Mulder
Dates: March 14-16, 2003

Horde of the Kings

For generations beyond count, the forces of darkness have dominated Midgard. While a few realms have remained free, scattered and secret, most of our people are slaves.

Yet there was a time…

Many centuries ago, a mighty king of men arose. He fought back the demon hordes and carved out the realm of Wyzendor in the valleys of the Verdant Mountains. Where others before had been consumed by their own lust for power, Arsolon was a wise and just ruler who knew that only in alliance could good prevail.

He brought together all the good races: Men, Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits and Fey. From each, he received a Gift of Power, binding King and people forever. Legends tell of a crown, orb, sceptre and more — but greatest of these was the gift of the gods. Alone among his people, Arsolon’s spirit would not depart at his death, but pass to another. Thus the true king might always wield the Gifts, and the Gifts should fully obey none but the true king. Knowledge of how to find the true heir was entrusted to the high priests.

For centuries, king succeeded king, and victory succeeded victory. The Gifts grew in power and the darkness was pushed back. Realm by realm, Midgard was brought under his just rule.

Yet this golden age would not last forever. In the 27th reign of Arsolon, the last dark lords forged an unholy alliance and struck back against the armies of Wyzendor. Wicked men and the races of darkness fought side by side and their power could not be withstood. When faced with certain defeat, the King took up the gifts and strode forth alone to defend his people.

Though he sent thousands to their graves, he fought in vain. As night fell, he was slain and the gifts were taken. Those who were not killed or enslaved hid in the hills or in secret strongholds, and much that should not have been forgotten was lost.

A thousand years later, few remember a golden age or an evil alliance. As the dark lords warred with each other, the watch on Wyzendor slept, and brave adventurers returned. Now that our realm extends once again to the Verdant Mountains, some dare speak of a true king reborn, and whisper of the ancient gifts…