PrinceCon 38 : Head of State



First Citizen assassinated on the steps of the capitol, Protective detail missing in action!

Today, as the republic’s leaders and citizens looked on in horror, our beloved First Citizen was struck down on the capitol steps. Arujah, high Aru priest of the republic, being in the senate chambers, rushed to help but could do naught but pronounce him dead. The famed Guard of Honor, Valor and Might assigned to protect the First Citizen was nowhere in sight. The First Citizen’s only protection was a troop of unreliable, undisciplined dwarves. Had the Guard of Honor, Valor and Might been at his side, would the First Citizen be alive today?

The Guard of Honor, Valor and Might is the republic’s most elite military force. To be in this unit, one most prove, beyond all doubt, one’s honor, valor, might, undying loyalty to the republic and be a member of the Hall of Heroes. The sigil of the Guard is a lance through one’s own heart with lion (might) and unicorn (honor) rampant under an eagle (valor). The lance represents the oath to “take a lance” to defend the republic and the First Citizen. So, where were these guardians in the First Citizen’s hour of need? When asked about this, the Hall of Heroes said they could not comment during the investigation.

Further investigations, by this humble reporter, cast light on a trail of intrigue leading up to this heinous crime. In recent days, none other than Strategos Scipio, the republic’s greatest general, and the First Citizen had a terrible falling out. Scipio has just returned from yet another magnificent campaign. Everyone expected the First Citizen to throw a triumph for Scipio but instead Scipio was banished from the capitol.

At the same time, there is trouble in the east. The Horse Men of Gwhi have crossed the great river and razed the city of Walpole. As every citizen knows, the Horses are cowards and they would never have dared such an aggression with Scipio’s mighty armies ready for new conquests.

To this humble servant of the republic, it is plain that treachery is at work; and it involves Scipio, the Hall of Heroes, foreigners and the lesser races. What was the divine First Citizen going to reveal to the Senate? How was he killed and by whom? Why wasn’t the Guard on duty? Are these the end times? Do the gods punish us for our sins?

By Mit O’liver, of the Wolfen Scribes.