PrinceCon 07

Director: Peter Mayewski took over after someone else dudded out

PrinceCon VII was a repeat of the idea from VI. I should note that the concept of player backstabs was very common in these cons, and reached its apotheosis in another of my bright ideas, a double-sized run with two GM’s. Unfortunately, the conflict between two player groups prevented any progress, and this made a lasting mark on Dave Ruzic, who was PrinceCon VIII con director, and brought us the idea of theme, and did his best to instill a new ethos of NO BACKSTABS.

VII also was the scene of the “MU on Rinse” event, which involved the terrain of a stream cascading down a staircase, a MU casting a Dimension Door intended to remove said water from the staircase, and an interesting GM spell interpretation that ended up having the exact opposite effect. Based on this and a similar interpretation in X, the D-Door spell description has since been rewritten to no longer make them double-sided.

1st use of a computer at the con