PrinceCon 09 : The Riddle of the Keys

Director: Keith Kline
Theme Master: Web Ewell

Find the Nine Keys that are needed to keep the island everybody lived on from sinking. Most of the “Keys” were puns on the concept: one was a musical key, one was a small isolated island (as in the Florida Keys), and so on.

PrinceCon IX was the first where we had different spell lists by god. Peter Mayewski separated the Mahler list into six gods taken from the keys of the Tarot: Magician (Magus), Hermit (later Hione), Hierophant (later Good Sam then Aru), Strength (Leo), Death, Justice. The lists were too small and ultimately players lacked powers they needed.

As of this con it no longer took two rounds to cast an MU spell (one round to prepare, one to cast).