PrinceCon 41: Gods Save Our Queen

McCosh Door

March 11-13, 2016
Campus Club, Princeton University
Registration starts on-site at 3 PM
First runs start at 5 PM
Close parking in Lot 10, much more in Lot 21
Cost: $25, or $10 with college student ID, or free for Princeton students

The Simulation Games Union’s annual convention is a 46-hour marathon of tabletop roleplaying in a shared world, centered around a common goal. Rules are a variation of the Open-Gaming version (3.5SRD) of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, incorporating many ideas developed over the years by the SGU. Certificates are awarded for Strategic, Tactical and Role Playing excellence.

To learn more about what PrinceCon is, visit the Welcome page.  Players and newcomers are invited to join the discussion on Google Groups and Facebook.  We will post updates as the theme develops.

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The Con Book has been posted!

Theme Teaser

Her Royal Majesty, Nayla, by the Grace of the Gods, Queen of Nassau and Defender of Nova Terra, calls to all her loyal and adventurous servants who can buckle a swash to join the Queensguard for the protection and defense of the Realm. Dangerous times and great opportunities are upon our island. Though we know that Service, Duty and Honor are paramount, and that mere Power, Adventure and Glory are secondary to her loyal Queensguards, nevertheless, those who exhibit the former will have the latter.

Service. Duty. Honor.

Our gracious Queen ascended the throne twenty-six years ago at the tender age of five, and her shining star guides us to a new age of glory and prosperity. Yet, the great riches of Nova Terra, which are hers by right, are being denied by foul princes who boldly transport their ill-gotten treasures across the open seas. Foul Corsairs of the Crimson Coast carry on their lawless depredations to our peaceful commerce. Prophesies of great portent and legends of artifacts of power are spoken in quiet corners. Inevitably, the Queensguard will raise ships to recover what is rightfully ours, expeditions to smash foul pirates, and expeditions to ensure that great magics do not fall into the wrong hands. And there is the all-important duty of protecting the Realm against its enemies, foreign and domestic.

And there is need for subtle diplomats as well. There are alliances to be concluded, intelligence to be gathered, and compliance with existing treaties to be verified. There is also the rather delicate matter of a Royal Marriage and an heir. Many princes seek Queen Nayla’s hand, but the legalities of a Royal Marriage, and the entangling alliances arising therefrom, are not a simple matter. Some whisper of cloning as a means to ensure the Succession, while others wish to revive the ancient custom of polyandry.

Service. Duty. Honor.

These are official bywords of the Queensguard, extended staff of the Lord Secretary Uffen Mimsey, upon whom the safety, security and prosperity of the Realm depend and who will perform their duties at PrinceCon XLI. Join us on March 11-13, 2016, for 46 hours of tabletop roleplaying as we all pray that the Gods Save Our Queen.