PrinceCon 42: Life, the Multiverse, and Everything

McCosh Door

March 17-19, 2017
Campus Club, Princeton University
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On-site registration and check-in starts at 3 PM
First runs start at 5 PM
Close parking in Lot 10, much more in Lot 21
Cost: $25 ($30 on-site), or $10 with college student ID ($15 on-site), or free for Princeton students. Add $40 for a D&D 5th Edition Player’s Handbook if you don’t bring your own.

The Simulation Games Union’s annual convention is a 46-hour marathon of tabletop roleplaying in a shared world, centered around a common goal. NEW THIS YEAR: PrinceCon will use the D&D 5th Edition core rules, while incorporating ideas for convention play developed over the years by the SGU. Certificates are awarded for Strategic, Tactical and Role Playing excellence.

To learn more about what PrinceCon is, visit the Welcome page.  Players and newcomers are invited to join the discussion on Google Groups and Facebook.  We will post updates as the theme develops.

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Pre-registrants will save $5 off on-site registration prices, and be able to create a character in advance. Pre-register here!

On-site registration will be by cash or check only. There is an ATM a short walk away in the Frist campus center.

PrinceCon 42 Downloads

PrinceCon 42 Con Book (or the printable version).

For our main rules, we will use the D&D 5th edition Player’s Handbook. We recommend you buy your own from Amazon or your Friendly Local Game Store, but if that’s not an option you can buy one when you register and pick it up when you check in to the convention.

Theme Teaser #1

Agrajag woke up. Something was wrong. His body felt so…small. He
stumbled to his…feet? He stared at the five toed pads. Attached to
thin legs. Where were his long, muscular legs, tapering to finely shod
hooves? This was all wrong. He was Eponai, not an Elf!

What did he remember? Yes, the final battle. Leading the Eponai
cavalry in the final rout of the Unseelie Court’s host. Throwing the
severed head of the Unseelie King at the feet of Lord Gargravarr.
Gargravarr, who had given Agrajag immortality, and command of the
cavalry of the Bright Hosts. Gargravarr, who in his moment of victory,
was no longer the Bright One. He opened his mouth, and within it Agrajag
found oblivion, for himself, and for his world.

Blinking back the memory, Agrajag saw clothing that fit his new body,
and dressed hurriedly. He opened the door, and saw a bustle of
activity. People conferring. Weapons being handed out. Elves, humans,
even gnomes going to and fro, putting on gear, looking at maps,
trading tools. Groups gathering and leaving. A man in leather jerkin
came up and said, “Just arrive? Go over there!” Some half dozen people
of various races sat, listening to an Elf (who looked disconcertingly
like the Unseelie King whose head he had cut off seemingly hours ago).
The Elf turned toward him and said “Welcome, brother! Join us in
resisting Gargravarr!”

Agrajag’s new elfin ears perked up at the name. He sat down and listened.

Theme Background (from Con Book)

The world this year is a flat disc (the map of the Top Side is depicted on the back cover of the con book). All of us live on the Top Side. Nobody knows who lives on the Bottom, though rumors are rife. Our great leader, Gargravarr, has declared his intention to tunnel a trade route through to meet the Bottom, though that will involve navigating the Middledark (which, in other worlds, might be called the Underdark).

As PCs, each of you have direct experience with Gargravarr. You see, you weren’t originally born here. You first gained immortality when Gargravarr came to your home world. But, that was only useful long enough to witness him consuming, and ultimately destroying, your world.

Imagine your surprise when you reincarnated here, and were immediately greeted by the Resistance, an underground group of immortals, fighting Gargravarr in his attempt to consume this world as well.

It will be neither easy nor popular — Gargravarr is widely acknowledged as the wise and benevolent leader of the Top Side. He commands the Council of Light, composed entirely of Top Side natives that he has made immortal and drafted into his service, as well as their Army of Light. The Resistance struggles to even slow him, and the Opposition, the political wing of the Resistance, has little enough support among the populace.

Needless to say, you have your work cut out for you if you wish to see a future for the Top Side!