PrinceCon 40: Twilight of the Gods

McCosh Door

March 13-15, 2015
McCosh Hall, Room 02 (same as last year), Princeton University
Registration starts on-site at 3 PM
First runs start at 5 PM
Close parking in Lot 10, much more in Lot 21
Cost: $20, or $10 with college student ID, or free for Princeton students

The Simulation Games Union’s annual convention is a 46-hour marathon of tabletop roleplaying in a shared world, centered around a common goal. Rules are a variation of the Open-Gaming version (3.5SRD) of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, incorporating many ideas developed over the years by the SGU. Certificates are awarded for Strategic, Tactical and Role Playing excellence.

To learn more about what PrinceCon is, visit the Welcome page.  Players and newcomers are invited to join the discussion on Google Groups and Facebook.  We will post updates as the theme develops.

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PrinceCon 40 Resources

The Con Book: e-Reader PDF or Printable PDF
(latest revision: v4 — see the box at the bottom of the title page)

Theme Fiction, a longer story introducing some of the world and theme background.

More Info

Bigger Pantheon! For all PCs: Carrunos, Daglir, Danu, Hione, Janda, Mavors, and Storm Lion. Also a couple follower-only religions: Aru and Magus. None of the Valiant worship the last two members of the pantheon, Ratri and Ronkel.

More Races! Alfar, Katterfolk, Mannfolk, Riddari, Svartalfar, and Vatenari.

Six Realms! Mannheim, Godsheim, Stoneheim, Alfheim, Svartalfheim, and Baenheim.

Five Ages! The Axe Age, the Sword Age, the Riven Shield Age, the Wind Age, and the Wolf Age. Each of you died in one of these ages…

See how it all fits together in the Con Book (link above).

Theme Teaser

The Wyrd Sisters have spoken of the Destiny of the Gods: the time when all barriers would be broken, Ratri would be freed, and the gods’ ancient foes would march on Valor Hall to the ruin of all.

Through the long years we have waited, the army of the gods to counter the army of the giants. In life, all of us were great heroes, worthy of selection to Valor Hall. In this afterlife, we have grown soft, our skills slowly eroded by too much food and drink, too many nights spent carousing. We are not ready.

But those of us who have remained alert have sensed it, and those who would heed the lines of prophecy can see that the twilight of the gods is drawing nigh. We must prepare ourselves, and rouse our fellow Valiant to the defense of this world.